Since 1921, R. W. Byram & Company has produced the most complete books available with current company data, including addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent data updated annually. We currently work in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico, with more productions set to launch soon. Our publications differ in that we focus on one state instead of regional data, that way there isn’t an overwhelming amount of information for customers to wade through. You can go to a particular state’s publication and get information for those companies operating in that specific state.

R.W. Byram & Company publishes oil and gas rules & regulations for New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas with updates done monthly. These volumes are the most comprehensive data that has been produced since the 1950’s. No other company in the industry has this type of data, with complete histories of each field in the state of Texas. We also publish hearing data for the state of New Mexico that goes out to customers weekly. We have a correspondent who attends oil and gas hearings and reports to us any docket and hearing testimony information.

Ronald Wesley Byram founded R. W. Byram & Company in 1921, when he was a student at the University of Texas in Austin. The business was located at 302 East 12th St. until 1971 when the firm bought the 125-year-old Hale Houston House, located at 706 Guadalupe St. in downtown Austin, Texas.

As petroleum consultants we handled the oil and gas drilling data, which included daily oil and gas reports, and also put out publications regarding oil and gas hearings brought before the Texas Railroad Commission.

Mr. Byram’s son-in-law Charles “Chuck” M. Christensen joined the flourishing business in 1956 and after the passing of Mr. Byram in 1968; Mr. Christensen became president of the company. Mr. Byram’s grandson, Ronald “Byram” Christensen joined the company in 1985 becoming the President in 1997, when his father retired. Byram brought new innovation as well as moved the company forward with the introduction of computer-based systems and new publications.

Byram Christensen passed away on May 4, 2014, and Lisa Young, who joined the company in 1985, and Maria Felan, who joined the firm in 1980, bought the company. The company, LY & MF, LLC d.b.a R. W. Byram & Company was moved to its current location in the scenic hill country town of Elgin, Texas.

“We use the New Mexico Rules and Regulations that R. W. Byram and Company provides. They are always current and accurate, well organized and easy to access.”

-Dollie L. Busse
Staff Regulatory Technician, ConocoPhillips

“Yes I use the Field Rules & Regulations that R.W. Byram provides. They are always current and accurate, well organized and easy to access.”

-Randy Schlotz
Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer, Hunt Oil Company

“I refer to the Rules and Regulations volumes prepared by R. W. Byram & Company for my state on a daily basis.  They make my job easier, and they help me to respond to members of the industry in a quicker and more efficient manner.  I highly recommend the service that is provided by R. W. Byram & Company.”

-Florene Davidson
Staff Manager with the Oil Conservation Division, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

“Dynamic Production, Inc. has employed the services of R. W. Byram & Company for the last 30+ years (processing our orders beginning with US postal mail or meetings, to qwips, to fax and now to email).  R. W. Byram has always provided timely, exemplary and cost effective services for our Ft Worth based E&P company such as their Oil and Gas Directory of Texas, TRRC Oil and Gas Statewide Rules and TRRC filings along with other special research or expedited services required by our company pursuant to the oil and gas business.  Dynamic highly recommends using R. W. Byram to any company in need of these services.”

-Jonathon Weiss
Vice President, Dynamic Production, Inc.