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Rules and Regulations of the Louisiana Department of Conservation


The rules and regulations governing the oil and gas industry in the State of Louisiana are published in a set of loose-leaf binders. This set of books includes all orders issued by the Louisiana Department of Conservation adopting operating rules (ie well spacing, proration unit, allowable) and approving units for oil and gas fields in the state. References are also made to substitute unit wells, adoption of additional units for fields, revision of units and dissolution of units. Unitization agreements and secondary recovery orders are included in this publication as well.

Also, made of a part of this set of books are copies of unit plats issued for each well. The plats show the size and shape of the unit, location of the unit, and the designated unit well. Each month we issue an update to this set of books that include revisions to orders already in the books and additions for new rules adopted, new units approved and new unit plats.

30 Volumes